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Welcome to the Tiki Food Lab!

Where your foodie dreams can come true!!!  Join us for a magical food experience you will never forget.  Located in Pearlington, Mississippi - an easy 45 minute drive from New Orleans, you will be transported into a tropical paradise evoking the sites, sounds and feeling of the South Pacific - where we take our inspiration.

Contact us to schedule your own custom curated Food Experience - or check out one of our Scheduled Events which typically include a farm tour, chef curated tasting menu, cooking class or demonstration, and exotic sounds to stimulate all of your senses! 

Our team of passionate chefs and foodies are excited to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Join us in our journey towards creating delicious and sustainable food with a zero-waste mindset!  Experience food evolution!


CONTACT - Request Food Experience:

Tiki Food Lab kitchen
View of bayou from Tiki Food Lab 1-504-338-2986

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Suis Generis is our restaurant in New Orleans.  The SG Tiki Farm is our exotic plant farm & tropical paradise in Pearlington, MS, where we grow unique & unusual produce for the weekly changing menu at Suis Generis.  

The Tiki Food Lab is our learning & research center located on the SG Tiki Farm, overlooking our beautiful bayou

Our Mission is to explore and create new flavor profiles - to build layers of taste through experimentation and unusual processes.  We are on a quest for umami and embrace the "kansha" of ingredients - which means respect for each part and the whole.   Learning about fermentation, cooking techniques, the science of flavor, zero waste eating, and the quest for umami is what we want to bring you.  Join us in the thirst for knowledge by signing up for a private chef curated dinner, food experience, farm tour and/or cooking class.  You can even book a stay in our UFO!  

Thanks for contacting us!

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